The 10 Best Unlimited Video Editing Services in 2024 - Dreamgrow (2024)

You've seen see the ads everywhere – Video Editing, Unlimited!

For brands and creators that want to create more video content, it sounds appealing.

Pay a small monthly fee, get as many edits as you need.

But is unlimited editing really unlimited? Sounds too good to be true.

The truth is that most video editing companies offering unlimited edits still have limits.

There are caps on how many videos you can submit, including rules about their length and restrictions on the size of the raw files. There are also curbs on how often their video editors revise the clips.

It's like getting unlimited breadsticks at a restaurant, but they only give you 30 because that's their policy.

Businesses that rely on video engagement can be negatively affected by the limitations imposed on them. But it might still be better than hiring in-house, depending on your needs.

In this post, I'll help you find the best video editing services with unlimited resources for creating high-quality videos.

No caps, no tricks. Read on to know which option is the best for you.

1. Vidpros

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Have you ever struggled to edit professional videos yourself? I know I have.

Just recently, I bumped into Mike, the CEO of Vidpros, and we chatted about video marketing. He gave me a ton of feedback on both my YouTube content as well as Instagram reels.

Later that day he invited me to try out VidPros.

I signed up a couple of weeks ago and I've currently worked with their team on around 6 YouTube videos and over 30 shorts.

I had a freelancer doing this before and he wasn't cheap. So far my videos are getting better engagements and I'd estimate my costs to come out around 40% lower by the end of the month.

Whether you're a marketing guru, an online course creator, or a brand-building business, Vidpros can transform your raw footage into polished videos in no time.

These are the reasons why I plan to start a long-term partnership with them:

  • You pay a monthly fee based on the editing time you need, with clear plans like 2 hours of editing each workday for $1,000 or 8 daily hours for $3,000.

  • Vidpros goes beyond basic editing, offering fast turnaround, transparent pricing, storage, feedback tools, and even post-production magic like graphics, transitions, and color correction.

  • You can simply upload your footage and instructions to their online portal. Their dedicated video editors will study your style and take care of everything – no need to hunt for extra services for creating captions, lower thirds, or music. Plus, any request for revisions is easy to make through their portal.

  • I'm not much of a video expert so my briefs to them have been pretty basic. Their team clearly has a ton of experience and jump in with awesome suggestions.

Vidpros saves you time and delivers high-quality results at a subscription price that fits your budget. They are flexible and work seamlessly with your existing workflow.

Agencies, course creators, vloggers, businesses – anyone using videos can benefit from their service. They even have a white-label program that lets you offer video editing under your own brand.

With skilled Philippine-based editors, affordable plans, and a focus on customer satisfaction, it's a win-win for everyone.

2. Capcut

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CapCut is a free all-in-one video editor that you can download on your phone. Naturally, that's where I started out.

Let me tell you, even someone with zero creativity or skills can start creating simple edits here.

CapCut gives you the tools you need, plus some cool AI features. I'm talking about removing backgrounds, changing your voice, enhancing images, and even working with teammates on projects – all free!

Here's what makes CapCut awesome:

  • No hidden costs. Edit as much as you want.

  • Make quick edits with features like background removal and voice effects.

  • Collaborate with friends or colleagues on projects.

  • Use CapCut online, on your desktop or phone.

  • CapCut protects your videos with secure data storage.

CapCut is packed with user-friendly features that make video editing fun and simple.

I whipped up a decent video while stuck in traffic (don't worry, I won't subject my social media followers to it). Seriously, if I can do it, you can too!

3. Increditors

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I wanted to share some awesome videos from my recent SEO conference vlogs. Still, the footage could have been more Hollywood quality. My iPhone shots were rough around the edges.

That's when I tried Increditors. These guys are video editing wizards!

You can trust them to turn your raw footage into polished masterpieces with high-quality editing, color grading, special effects, animation, and sound design.

They work with all kinds of world-class creators, so whether you're a company, a production house, a solo creator like me, or an agency, they can help you take your videos to the next level.

Here's why I liked Increditors:

  • My assigned editor and their team seriously impressed me. They worked their magic on my not-so-great iPhone footage and even helped color-correct it to make it pop.

  • My editor was super communicative. He asked all the right questions to understand what I wanted and kept me in the loop throughout the process.

  • They can handle everything from short social media clips to full wedding videos. Brand reels, explainer videos, app demos, sports highlights, music videos, YouTube content – you name it, they do it.

What sets them apart? A team dedicated to your success, a fully managed process, strong support, and a focus on achieving your goals.

They've worked on various projects, and their videos have racked up millions of views.

Getting a quote is easy: Take their interactive quiz. Depending on your answers, you'll get a video-type recommendation and an estimate based on your needs.

Just a heads-up: the quiz asks for some details before showing the price.

Increditors might require extra effort upfront to get a price, but trust me, it's worth it.

They can take your shaky travel footage and turn it into something you'll be proud to share.

4. Oneedit

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Ever record a killer video, only to dread the editing process? How do I shoot those quick SEO tips after my workouts?

Editing them myself takes forever, so I decided to test out Oneedit's free trial.

Oneedit is your personal editing team in a convenient subscription package. You can focus on excellent content while Oneedit handles the tech stuff.

Here's why I feel Oneedit is fantastic:

  • Feel free to choose from various options based on your video needs and budget.

  • Just upload all your footage, images, and music to their safe online platform.

  • A team of experienced video editors will work magic on your clips.

  • Depending on your plan, you'll receive a draft video back in 1-2 days.

  • Don't like something? No problem! Give feedback and get revisions until you're satisfied.

  • Add licensed music, sound effects, images, and footage to your videos.

  • Get custom animations to make your clips pop.

  • Use custom templates to give your long-form videos a professional look.

I bet you're curious about Oneedit's pricing, so here it is:

  • Vertical Video ($599/month): Perfect for short social media clips (up to 12 videos, 30-90 seconds each). Get them back in 1-2 days.

  • Horizontal video ($989/month): Got longer videos in mind? This plan covers up to 12 horizontal videos and even includes custom animations.

  • Custom Pricing: Need something even more specific? Contact their team for a tailored quote.

  • Free Trial: Want to check if Oneedit is for you? Sign up and edit a 3-minute video for free to test it out.

All paid plans have the same great perks: licensed media, custom animations, and super-fast turnaround times. Plus, their team is always happy to help you find the perfect plan for your needs.

I tried the free trial with one of my post-workout SEO tip videos, and let me tell you, the results were impressive. Their trial really enables you to see what they can do for you.

It went from good to polished and professional in no time. Now, I'm thinking if I should focus on crushing my workouts full-time. (I wish!)

5. ThisGirlEdits

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ThisGirlEdits has been around for a decade, and they know the struggles of finding a reliable video editor who delivers high-quality work on time.

Their service is designed to turn your video ideas into something unique.

ThisGirlEdits' approach? Crafting top-notch videos that captivate your audience. They believe every video can tell a powerful story and are here to make yours a reality.

Here's why I think they can be a fantastic option:

  • You can explore your creative vision with unlimited video edits. They'll bring your ideas to life for all your social media channels, from Instagram to YouTube.

  • They know the ins and outs of each platform, so your content will shine everywhere. No matter where you post, they'll help you level up your brand and connect with viewers.

  • Uploading your footage and instructions is all it takes. ThisGirlEdits has extensive video editing skills and can deliver a polished video in your preferred format.

  • Each client gets a dedicated video editor. High-volume clients can even have a team of editors working on each project.

  • Collaborate directly with your editor over WhatsApp for a personalized experience.

  • All their edits include royalty-free effects, sound effects, and music.

  • Need your videos resized for different platforms? They can do that for a small extra charge.

  • Do you have any high-resolution footage? No problem! They can edit 4K videos too.

ThisGirlEdits offers three plans with limitless video editing, allowing you to choose the plan that best suits your project:

  • Monthly Plan

  • Quarterly Plan (Save 10%)

  • Annual Plan (Get 2 Months Free)

Let's take a closer look at their Retainer Plans:

  • Retainer BASIC ($749/month): Get your videos back in 2-3 business days, with unlimited edits and revisions. You'll have a dedicated account manager and video editor, real-time WhatsApp chat, and access to creative add-ons.

  • Retainer PRO ($1,333/month): Need a faster turnaround? This plan gets your videos back in 16-24 hours. It includes all the BASIC features plus even more creative add-ons.

ThisGirlEdits is perfect for businesses, creators, and agencies who need a seamless video editing solution. They offer unlimited edits, creative freedom, dedicated teams, and support across all your social media platforms.

I had an idea to create some of my own guitar-playing videos just for fun, but I'm still on the fence about that. If I do take the plunge, ThisGirlEdits is definitely at the top of my list. I'll let you know how it goes.

6. ClipMasters

The 10 Best Unlimited Video Editing Services in 2024 - Dreamgrow (6)

Let me tell you how ClipMasters saved the day for one of my recent video content pieces. I was creating a post-workout reel featuring my friend Kyle Roof and wanted to add some polish to make it shine.

I tried ClipMasters.

Their complete video editing services and user-friendly platform made the process easy.

Here's why I liked ClipMasters:

  • I was still determining exactly how I wanted the final video to look, not to mention I didn't even have a proper script yet. However, with ClipMasters' unlimited edits, I could experiment and fine-tune everything until it was perfect. No extra charges or worries.

  • The team at ClipMasters is incredible. They matched me with a pro editor who understood my vision and brought that workout reel to life. Plus, their built-in quality control ensured everything looked polished.

  • I simply uploaded my footage, collaborated with the editor, and they managed revisions – ClipMasters' platform made it easy. No need to juggle multiple websites or emails.

  • I was on a tight deadline, but ClipMasters delivered the final video quickly.

ClipMasters was a game-changer. Their service will allow you to focus on creating great content while they handle the professional editing.

Whether you're a business, content creator, agency, or someone needing high-quality video editing, ClipMasters has you covered.

  • Their tiered plans offer a range of budget-friendly options tailored to your needs.

  • You get your editor, account manager, and content coach – a dream team for collaboration and personalized support.

  • From animations and motion graphics to resizing and subtitles, ClipMasters can handle any video editing task.

ClipMasters offers a user-friendly platform and an exceptional team to manage all your video editing needs, just like they did for my workout reel. Check them out and see how they can simplify your video editing process.

7. Tasty Edits

The 10 Best Unlimited Video Editing Services in 2024 - Dreamgrow (7)

I was initially drawn to sign up for an account with Tasty Edits because of their clever name. But what sold me was the ease and quality of their video editing service.

As a part-time content creator, I always seek ways to streamline my workflow. I recently needed help editing a social media video, and Tasty Edits seemed the perfect solution.

Here's why I liked using Tasty Edits:

  • Their turnaround times are fantastic. I got my initial draft back in just 24 hours (it was a vertical video). Unlimited revisions allowed me to ensure the end product met my vision.

  • Their VOMA dashboard is a lifesaver. Uploading footage, communicating with my editor, and leaving notes were easy.

  • They transformed my raw footage into a polished, engaging video. The text overlays, motion graphics, and music they added really made it pop.

The final result was fantastic. I was so happy with the edited video that I immediately posted it on my social media channels.

Whether you're a content creator like me, an entrepreneur, or a business owner, Tasty Edits can help you create professional-looking videos.

  • You can choose from horizontal or vertical editing options to fit your video format.

  • Get unlimited revisions until you're satisfied with the final product.

  • Their VOMA dashboard keeps your project organized and communication smooth.

  • Take your videos from good to great with their professional motion graphics, text overlays, and music.

Tasty Edits offers a user-friendly platform, a team of skilled editors, and creative effects to take your videos to the next level. Like what they did for my social media video, they can help you create stunning content to impress your audience.

8. beCreatives

The 10 Best Unlimited Video Editing Services in 2024 - Dreamgrow (8)

Video editing is different from my expertise.

This week, I filmed a great video showcasing Panatta machines and some seriously strong silverbacks (100kg!), which I posted on Facebook. Then, I had the idea to turn it into a Reel for Instagram. This time, I tried beCreatives.

beCreatives seemed to be a lifesaver for busy content creators like me. They offer unlimited professional video editing at an affordable monthly price.

Here's why I liked using beCreatives:

  • Just send them your raw footage and any editing ideas you have, and their skilled editors take care of the rest.

  • I got my first draft back in just a few days, and it looked amazing. They added graphics, animations, and astonishing visual effects to make the video come to life.

  • If you're not entirely happy with something, it's no problem. Their user-friendly platform lets you give feedback and request revisions until you're thrilled with the final video. Plus, you get a dedicated editor with top-notch editing skills with whom you can collaborate directly.

  • They edit various videos, from social media clips to promos and tutorials. Rest assured that no matter what your niche is – business, coaching, fitness, or podcasting – they are fully equipped to create personalized and professional videos that perfectly align with your brand.

beCreatives stands out because it offers everything in one place:

  • Unlimited edits and revisions mean you can get precisely what you want.

  • Fast turnaround times keep your content pipeline flowing.

  • A dedicated editor gets to know your style and preferences.

  • Brand assets like graphics and music are included, so you don't have to worry about finding them yourself.

  • Videos optimized for all social platforms ensure your content reaches a broader audience.

  • Flat monthly fees starting at $899 give you a clear budget and avoid hidden costs.

  • They even offer a 14-day satisfaction guarantee, so you can try them risk-free.

9. Vidchops

The 10 Best Unlimited Video Editing Services in 2024 - Dreamgrow (9)

I've been brainstorming some fun content lately.

I'm thinking of taking some quick clips from our recent SEO Estonia 2023 event– the funny behind-the-scenes moments – and turning them into Reels.This editing project made me curious about Vidchops, a service I wanted to check out.

In a nutshell, Vidchops makes video editing easy.

They will handle all the editing work, freeing you up to focus on your business.

Here's why I think Vidchops could be an excellent fit for different creators:

  • YouTubers: Record your videos and send them off. Vidchops will edit them using all the best practices to get more views and grow your audience. This includes a lot of eye-catching thumbnails, titles, descriptions, and tags to keep the YouTube algorithm happy. They'll even create captioned and reformatted versions for other platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

  • Digital Marketers and Agencies: Offer top-notch video editing as a service without the hassle of hiring and managing editors in-house. You get a client portal with your branding when you sign up for their unlimited editing subscription. Clients can easily upload clips, review edits, and approve the final videos all set in one place.

  • Small Businesses: Build industry authority with polished, professional videos that drive sales without the headache of any complex editing software application. Just provide your footage, and they'll handle the rest.

Vidchops offers unlimited edits and revisions. Get exactly what you envision with a dedicated editor assigned to your project.

You can enjoy royalty-free music and footage, fast turnaround times, and professional touches like color grading, motion graphics, and more.

A minor drawback: You have to enter your email address to see Vidchops' pricing. This means they can contact you in the future.

Their unlimited editing subscriptions start at $495/month, with the price increasing depending on how many videos you need to develop. All plans come with a money-back guarantee.

10. The Editor's Connection

The 10 Best Unlimited Video Editing Services in 2024 - Dreamgrow (10)

This video editing service really tempts me to take a trip to Mexico.

Now, I'm brainstorming all the fantastic travel videos I could create. Can you think of any classic Mexican films I absolutely have to watch? Anyway…

The Editor's Connection is based in Mexico, and it seems to be a major change for anyone tired of spending hours wrestling with video editing software. They offer an unlimited editing solution that saves you time and money so you can focus on what truly matters.

Here's why I think The Editor's Connection can be perfect for busy creators:

  • You'll never worry about editing limits again. Get all the revisions you need until your video is perfect.

  • Their skilled editors take the editing burden off your shoulders, letting you sit and stay focused on other business areas.

  • Just upload your raw footage and basic instructions to their secure online portal, and they'll work their magic. No complex software to learn, no tight editing deadlines to stress over.

They can edit any type of video: YouTube content, social media ads, promos, courses, podcasts – you name it. They've got programs like Premiere Pro and After Effects that they use to add graphics, animations, color correction, and other cool effects to their work – and it's all included in the price. They can even localize your content for English or Spanish audiences.

The Editor's Connection offers different plans to fit your needs:

  • Unlimited: $539/month: 1 editor, most edits created and delivered next business day.

  • Unlimited+: $915/month: Faster turnaround times for event videos and more reels/shorts.

  • Unlimited Ultra: $1,665/month: Dedicated editor, same-day delivery options.

You can test their service risk-free with a 15-day money-back guarantee.

Your Turn

I've explored various options for video editing subscription, from free apps to full-service studios. Now it's your turn to take action!

Dive deeper into the services that caught your eye. Consider your budget, experience level, and specific needs to find the perfect match. Remember, polished video content can be an innovator for brand awareness and engagement.

Start editing today and unlock the power of video storytelling. Your audience awaits.

The 10 Best Unlimited Video Editing Services in 2024 - Dreamgrow (2024)


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