Parent Portal FAQ - Public Schools of Edison Township (2024)

Below are a series of Frequently Asked Questions and answers. If you require additional assistance, please email: or call 732-452-4574 between the hours of 8:00AM-4:00PM.

Question 1. How do I register for the Parent Portal?

Answer 1.Contact the Enrollment Center or call 732-452-4574 between the hours of 8:00AM - 4:00PM.

Question 2. Is there a user's guide for the Parent Portal?

Answer 2. Yes. Please click the link for a PDF version of theParent Access Manual.

Question 3. I tried logging in but the login screen goes back to blank. Why?

Answer 3. If a user attempts to login5 ormore times using the wrong password the system will disable the account. If this occurs, a user should either email or call 732-452-4574 between the hours of 8:00AM - 4:00PM.

Question 4. I have more than one child in the district, do I have to submit a registration form for each child?

Answer 4. Yes. We ask that parent/legal guardian submit a registration form for each child. This is done to ensure the information we receive is correct and allows us to connect all of the children under the same account.

Question 5. How do I make a Parent Request forscheduling for next year?

Answer 5. Currently,at specific times of the year, parents are able to make an elective request forthe student's schedule for next year.Below are the "how to ..." instructions by grade level.

Grade 5 going into grade 6:

Parent Letter:

MS Directions for Scheduling for 5th to 6th Grade:

1. Sign into Parent Portal and select your 5th grade student. (Use the dropdown menu in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to complete this task.)

2. Once your child appears, click on the Scheduling tab at the top of the page below Student Data. This will take you directly to the scheduling page and the “Request” tab. Click on the “Request” tab, which will take you to where you will find the World Language and Elective selection pages. You will now be allowed to choose 1-World Language and 2-Electives. (You should choose 2 electives, which does not mean choose 2 electives in each subject.)

3. When choosing your child’s World Language, click on “Request a Course.” Decide which language you would like and go to the section where it says “Priority.” Choose which language that you want to be your first priority. Click the down arrow and put in “1.” Then click “Request this Course.” You will repeat the same sequence for your number “2” language choice. Next to Priority, you can type in any additional information that you feel is necessary.

4. When choosing your child’s Elective, go to the “Request” tab to request the Visual/Performing Arts and click on “Request this Course.” Again choose the priority of your first choice. Click the down arrow and put in “1”, then click “Request this Course.” You can then repeat the same directions but put in “2” for your second priority. Remember that you are choosing 2 electives as a total.

5. Double check all of your choices. If you decide to change your elective choices, throw away in the trash-can the selection that you do not want and make your new selection.

6. When you are finished with your selections, you must click the “Submit” button. It will prompt you to type in the word “Submit” in CAPITAL LETTERS and click OK.

7. Upon completion, you will see a digital signature that will confirm the course requests have been submitted.

8. Note: You will not be able to change an elective request after June 1st. Please contact your child’s school counseling office if you have a question about a course or request.

Video Guide:CLICK HEREfor Gr 5

Grade 6 going into grade 7:

Parent Letter:

Video Guide:CLICK HEREfor Gr 6-8

Grade 7 going into grade 8:

Parent Letter:

Grade 8 going into grade 9:

The Scheduling Portal for elective selection will open March 7th at 5pm and close on March 14th at 4pm. Please sit with your child and discuss their interests and abilities. Electives are based on availability so it is imperative that you indicate your top five choices in order of importance, regardless of which category that you choose from.

Example: Auto = priority #1, Comp. Sci. C++ = priority #2, personal keyboarding (semester class) = priority #3 and banking and finance (semester course) = priority #3 (two semester courses equal one full year course), Art 1 = priority #4, Guitar 1 = priority #5.

Be sure to select carefully because there are absolutely no elective changes in September!

Your child’s current World Language teacher will make a recommendation for next year. If you wish to change your child's recommended World Language or add a World Language, you must submit a written request to your child's middle school counselor.

Available World Languages are:


All beginning World Language courses are level one.No World Language changes will be honored after June 1.

Video Guide:CLICK HEREfor Gr 9

Grades 9 & 10 going into grade 10 & 11:

Your child's recommended academic courses for next year will be available to view after March 16th in Parent Portal. All of these courses will be reviewed following the third marking period and again when final grades are available. You will receive a final course verification in June.

In addition, students in grades 9 and 10 will use Parent Portal to make elective choices. Please sit with your child and discuss their interests and abilities. Keep in mind that they must select courses that fulfill graduation requirements. Electives are based on availability so it is imperative that you indicate your top four choices in order of importance. Be sure to select carefully because there are no elective changes in September. All students will meet individually with their counselors to review the requests on Parent Portal and all aspects of their academic program. Adjustments may be made at that time.

Edison High School Elective Course Review Video

John P Stevens High School Elective Course Review Video

Parent Portal FAQ - Public Schools of Edison Township (2024)


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