Judge Jaimie Goodman Procedures (2024)

1. AD Divisional Instructions | 15th Circuit

  • Judge Goodman usually conducts trials on Mondays through Fridays; however, cases may be called to trial before an alternate judge or on a 24-48 hours' notice.

  • Uniform Motion Calendar ("UMC") hearings are held remotely on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 8:30 A.M. and are set on the Online Services. Scheduling is solely between the parties. Please do not call the Judicial Assistant to schedule or cancel a UMC hearing. When scheduling or cancelling a UMC hearing, please go to the Court's online services/ scheduling system to reserve the hearing on the Court's UMC docket, and to remove the hearing if cancelling the hearing on the Court's UMC docket.

AD Divisional Instructions | 15th Circuit

2. Jaimie Goodman - 15th Circuit

  • Jaimie Goodman ; Assignment: Circuit Civil ; Division: AD ; Courtroom: 9B ; Phone:(561) 355-1523 ; Room number: 9.1204.

Jaimie Goodman - 15th Circuit


  • Jan 3, 2022 · 1. SCHEDULING A HEARING. The procedures set forth below must be followed in order to schedule hearings on Judge. Goodman's calendar:.

4. [PDF] judge james j. goodman's procedures

  • May 20, 2021 · Judge Goodman generally allots one (1) hour for temporary hearings. D. Note that Judge Goodman will open his calendar ninety (90) days in ...

5. Civil Drug Court - Riviera Beach, Florida (FL)

Civil Drug Court - Riviera Beach, Florida (FL)

6. [PDF] Judge Jaimie Goodman - Palm Beach County Bar Association

  • Missing: procedures | Show results with:procedures

7. [PDF] 15thCircuit11-101.pdf - Florida Courts

  • Jaimie Goodman. Cheryl Caracuzzo. Catherine Brunson. Temporarily Closed. CIRCUIT COURT CIVIL DIVISION. FORECLOSURE DIVISION. Richard L. Oftedal *. CIRCUIT COURT ...

8. Process & Procedures - Riviera Beach, Florida (FL)

  • 15th JUDICIAL CIRCUIT COURT VOLUNTEER JUDGES. Administrative Judge: Debra Moses Stephens; Judge Jaimie Goodman; Judge Cymonie Rowe; Judge G. Joseph Curley, Jr.

  • Government > Departments & Services > All Listings > Civil Drug Court > Home > Process & Procedures > Process & Procedures

Process & Procedures - Riviera Beach, Florida (FL)

9. Abrasive or constructive? Voters get final say on Judge Goodman

  • Oct 9, 2020 · When Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Jaimie Goodman decided to run for a second term, he knew he would be hounded by allegations that he ...

  • Defenders say Jaimie Goodman is hard on attorneys for their own good; detractors say he goes too far and becomes nasty.

Abrasive or constructive? Voters get final say on Judge Goodman

10. Opinions | Sixth Circuit | United States Court of Appeals

  • 22-5238 Doug Goodman v Commercial Bank And Trust Company, Play · Save. 22-5417 ... 21-5987 Jaimie Rager v McMinn County TN, Play · Save. 22-1034 22-1046 Kerry ...

11. [DOC] Department of Human Services

  • Goodman Andrea 877-4640. Joyce Shelby 772-7295. Long Robert 570/374-2675 ... Judge Saundra DHS 2nd Fl W H&WB 783-1980. Judy Barbara DHS 4th Fl Comm Twr ...

12. [PDF] [Marked Confidential]: Negative Externalities of Discovery Secrecy

  • Benjamin Lesser, Dan Levine, Lisa Girion, & Jaimie Dowdell, How Judges Added to the ... Goodman-Delahunty, Pär Anders Granhag, Maria Hartwig, & Elizabeth F.

13. [PDF] b1daily business review - PUBLIC NOTICES & THE COURTS

  • Judge Jaimie Goodman. 9B. Maria Vasil Collins. 355-1523. AE. 9.1215. Judge Bradley ... PROCEDURES RELATING TO PRE-FIRST APPEARANCE RELEASE. •. A.O. 5.701-5/21 ...

14. [PDF] THE RECORD - Alexandra Kardaras Site

  • “Judge Finds Improvements in Procedures for Welfare,” Rachel L. Swarns, The ... Jaimie L. Fried. Bingham Dana LLP. New York NY 12/95. Matthew S. Furman.

15. [PDF] Chapter V - Michigan Legislature

  • During her tenure as a circuit judge, Judge Servitto was instrumental in implementing ... implementing polices and procedures; conducting legislative and ...

16. [PDF] palm beach county bar association

  • Andrew Daire, Jaimie Goodman, Ken Lemoine and Lisa Small. Page 11. July/August ... judge's procedures for demonstrative aids, computer systems, and other.

17. [PDF] OAH #8-9001-38469 1322 Hearing Exhibits

  • Aug 19, 2022 · Dear Judge Lipman: In anticipation of the August 23, 2022, Webex hearing in the above-referenced matter, the. Department electronically submits ...

Judge Jaimie Goodman Procedures (2024)


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