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who went from, like, running on the field to a whole mascot who comes out of a pine box to know the backstory. >> it's very positive, right? >> where do they live? where do they come from? where are their parents to? yeah cute enough, even though he's not, you know, they could make it. they could make it make it work with ratatouille. you can make it work with possums. all right, scrappy, abc seven and seven is next on our streaming apps. otherwise it's good morning america. >> michael: good morning america. fire and heat across the country. out of control. wild fires returning across california, scorching thousands of acres, and the dangerous temperatures on the move. tens of millions of americans bracing for historic heat this week.

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>> whit: water park nightmare. a mass shooting leaving nine people wounded, including a mother of two of her children. the investigation this morning. >> rebecca: overnight emergency landing. a boeing 737 diverted due to a plane engine fire shutting down the engine. what we know this morning. >> michael: abc news exclusive. the ex-husband of sherry papini, who faked her own kidnapping and lied about it for years. >> i remember thinking how horrible of me to even think that she could have done this to herself. >> michael: speaking for the first time since her arrest, revealing new details about how she faked her disappearance. >> every day she committed to the lie. >> michael: and why he believed it. >> whit: gordon ramsay's bike scare. what he said saved his life. >> rebecca: princess kate's royal return, making her first public appearance since her cancer diagnosis.

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plus how prince louis stole the show once again. >> whit: we've gots all the feels for "inside out 2." >> i can get ahead of myself. i amy anxiety. >> whit: it sparks complications about how to talk to your kids about anxiety and what to look out for. ♪ new york ♪ >> rebecca: last night at the tony awards dreams coming true in new york with alicia keys and jay-z bringing down the house. ♪ >> michael: plus as summer travel season kicks off, so many americans head to europe, gma is taking you there. this morning a destination dupe. this isn't italy or greece but you can get all the charm at a fraction of the cost. >> announcer: live in times square, this is good morning

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america. >> michael: good morning america. it is great to be with you this morning. we have a great crowd outside times square. that couple there has been watching the show since 1975. that young lady is going to the university of arkansas. that group there, just a girls trip, here from texas. we have a nice crowd out there. >> whit: you got the whole scouting report. >> michael: i did my work. >> rebecca: we hope everybody had a great weekend. we have a lot of news to get to this morning. the surgeon general calling for a warning label on social media saying it poses a health threat to young people. we have details on that just ahead. >> whit: also this morning summer doesn't officially arrive until later this week but it certainly feels like it already for so many. more than 80% of the country expected to experience temperatures topping 90 degrees. alex perez and ginger will have more on that. >> michael: the pope fire is spreading rapidly already burning thousands of acres and forcing thousands to evacuate. matt gutman is in gorman,

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california, for us. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, michael. this is one of 12 fires burning across the state. this one exploding overnight, burning thousands of acres. 1,000 people had to be evacuated here. just want to give you a sense of how fast this fire moved. the owners of this auto repair shop say that every single car you see here burned in five minutes. this morning the race is on to stop multiple wild fires scorching southern california. in los angeles county, the so called post fire burned over 22 square miles, forcing at least 1200 people to evacuate including 1,000 campers. with many more warned they may also have to leave. >> i have never seen anything like it. it was really scary. >> reporter: the miller family

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was celebrating father's day on pyramid lake when they received orders to leave. >> my vision was getting blurry because of all the smoke while i was going around the boat. it just, i hardly could see. >> reporter: as of this morning, the blaze that began on saturday is only 2% contained. >> one of the key factors that we have that's bringing to the severity of the fire are the heavy wind situation right now. >> reporter: hundreds of firefighters responding to the emergency using helicopters and planes to drop water and flame retardant. this wild fire at least one of a dozen burning across the state. >> our neighborhood and most of santa rosa, all that is just getting inundated with smoke. >> reporter: in sonoma county the point fire 15% contained, burning over 1,000 acres. in lancaster, crews fully containing the max fire, but not before it incinerated structures and vehicles. cal fire now calling this an intense start to the fire season.

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all that rain from the past couple of years has created a lot of brush which is now fueling these fires. more bad news today. those red flag warnings remain in effect through this evening. michael? >> michael: definitely tough way to start the fire season. thank you. now the dangerous heat. chicago already feeling it and warning residents. alex perez is in chicago for us. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning. authorities in chicago are bracing for the extreme heat. in fact, they have extra ambulances on hand this week just in case they are needed. we will be at about 95 degrees today, but we could break a record. the temperature will be in the mid 90s all week, and at times could feel like 100 degrees. authorities are warning people to take this heat very seriously, hydrate and, of course, limit your time outdoors during those peak hours of heat. rebecca? >> rebecca: please please heed those warnings. so important, alex. thank you. we want to now bring in ginger with more on this extreme heat.

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nice to see you, ginger. good morning. >> ginger: i know a lot of people are saying, come on, it's summer, right? it's supposed to be hot. here's the deal. it's not this hot this long this early. and that's why you have heat advisories. national weather service doesn't go about their morning going, do you know what we could do to inconvenience people with a headline this morning? no, we've got advisories for record heat possible. it's not just one, two or lee three days. we're talking long duration heat. that's why we have there warning out. rare and long duration heat, meaning that you could see big impacts from the great lakes and chicago, today, tomorrow. into michigan, ohio. then eventually here in the northeast, the worst is thursday into friday. so look at the numbers. pittsburgh, for example, could see their hottest five day stretch in recorded history. like, you don't see this since the late 1800s. overnight lows won't drop out of the 70s for many. if you don't have air conditioning that can be problematic. we're warming two times faster

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in the overnight. >> michael: make sure you hydrate. >> whit: thank you very much. we turn to the rash of gun violence including a mass shooting that left people injured at a water park outside detroit. and new details this morning about the victims. our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas is tracking the latest from washington. pierre, good morning. >> reporter: whit, good morning. there was an eruption of gun fire across three states. a painful reminder of this nation's greatest epidemic, as even the shootings have been decreasing this year. a beautiful day at a water park in suburban michigan turning into horror as bullets start to fly. >> reporting multiple victims from an active shooter. >> reporter: just before 5 p.m., police descending on the brooklyn splash pad 25 miles from detroit. >> it was a scramble. people were falling, you know, getting hit, trying to run. >> reporter: nine people wounded including a mother and her two children. her 8-year-old son shot in the head in critical condition.

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her other 4-year-old son shot in the leg in stable condition. the mom wounded in her torso and legs, also in critical. >> can only describe the last 24 hours as a nightmare. >> reporter: 28 shots fired. the suspect calmly taking aim, even reloading. the shooter escaping the scene, with officers recovering a 9mm handgun that was left behind. police tracing the registration to this home a short distance away. >> the next thing we know we had police officers running up with weapons on both sides of the home. >> reporter: inside the suspect dead of an apparent suicide. police identifying him as 42-year-old michael nash who lived with his mother. officers found this ar style assault rifle in the home. authorities have no motive. community in a state of shock. >> my heart breaks. when i got on scene, i started to cry. because i know a splash pad is supposed to be a place where people gather, where family make

7:10 am

memories. >> reporter: on sunday, families in the community gathering at a local church for a prayer vigil for the victim. rochester heals water park coming after another shoot. there was a mass shooting at a party in massachusetts and a juneteenth celebration in texas. at least 27 people shot and 2 killed in those incidents. the weekend explosion in gun violence tragic and disappointing. most of the nation's major cities have seen double digit decreases in shootings this year, with mass shootings falling dramatically as well. still, despite those decrease, the nation has far too many shootings compared to other western countries. so far this year more than 14,000 people have been shot in the u.s. and more than 7,000 killed. those victims this weekend can testify to the pain. michael? >> michael: very painful and far too many, as you said, pierre. thank you for that. now the race for the white house. and donald trump on a campaign trail over the weekend in michigan, a key battleground,

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stepping up efforts to appeal to black voters and addressing a conservative group. rachel scott has the latest. good morning, rachel. >> reporter: michael, good morning. yes, donald trump did spend the weekend trying to appeal to black voters, the very group that helped propel president biden to the white house in 2020. four years ago donald trump only got about 8% of the black vote. polls show he is making inroads among black male voters. the former president speaking at black church in detroit, continued his attack on immigrants, insisting the black community is being hurt by those who are entering the country illegally, going on to claim that they are taking their jobs. trump then speaking at a conservative political event hosted by the right wing group turning point action. the group's founder has been under fire for making anti-immigrant and racist comments. trump's allies on that stage vowing political retribution and revenge if trump were to be re-elected. president biden spent the weekend at a star studded fund-raiser in los angeles with former president obama, comedian jimmy kimmell.

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biden worrying one of the scare scariest things about a possible term he would be able to appoint more judges to the supreme court bench. we're told that fund-raiser brought in about $30 million. whit? >> whit: thank you very much. now an emergency landing overnight. a boeing 737 diverted due to a plane engine fire as federal regulators open investigations into two other incidents. both involving southwest boeing 737 max planes. our transportation correspondent gio benitez is joining us with more. good morning. >> gio: hey, whit, good morning. this comes as summer travel is breaking major records. in fact, friday was the tsa second busiest day ever, screening 2.9 million people in a single day. this morning a virgin australia boeing 737 jet forced to make an emergency landing in new zealand after one of its engines caught fire. this video shows the view inside the cabin as the plane managed to land safely without any injuries. this comes as the faa's

7:13 am

investigating two serious incidents that happened to involve boeing 737 max planes. in one, southwest max flight came within just 400 feet of slamming into the pacific ocean. the incident happening in april off the coast of hawaii when, according to bloomberg, the flight was forced to abandon a landing attempt because of inclimate weather. >> southwest 2786 moderate to extreme precipitation 11:00 one zero mile. >> reporter: bloomberg said it obtained a memo and the first officer pushed forward on a control call. warning alarms going off in the co*ckpit, the plane then climbed aggressively at 8,500 feet per minute. >> it is very rare to end up losing what we call situational awareness. especially getting too close to the ground or the water. this was a very very unusual situation. >> gio: southwest telling us the event was addressed appropriately, as we always strive for continuous improvement. meanwhile, we've learned another

7:14 am

southwest max 8 had a scary situation last month, a dutch roll, when a plane rocks in the air from side to side, front to back, resulting in structural damage to the plane. >> the dutch roll situation is incredibly rare. we have almost 100,000 flights over the world every day. this almost never happens. >> gio: and as for that southwest flight in hawaii, thankfully it landed safely in honolulu with no injuries. but without a doubt, this is one the faa will be looking at very very closely. guys. >> rebecca: absolutely, gio. thank you. we turn now to the surgeon general calling for a tobacco style warning label on social media saying it poses a mental health crisis among young people. elizabeth schulze has those details. good morning, elizabeth. >> reporter: good morning. the u.s. surgeon general wants to put those warning style labels on social media like what you see for cigarettes or tobacco.

7:15 am

in an op ed there the new york times dr. murphy writes that surgeon general warning label which requires congressional action would regularly remind parents and adolescents that social media has not been proved safe. he says that similar labels that were put on tobacco products helped dramatically reduce their usage. murphy is pointing to data who shows teens who spend more than three hours a day on social media face double the risk of anxiety or depression. the average user that age on social media for almost five hours a day. last year murphy sounded the alarm about how social media is contributing to a mental health crisis among younger americans. he has urged congress to pass legislation that would stop platforms from collecting data about kids and putting restrictions on push notification. or auto scrolling. while there is bipartisan support for some of those measures, none of them have passed in congress. guys? >> michael: all right, elizabeth. >> rebecca: something so many parents are thinking about. five hours on social media. >> michael: trust me, i saw that number and said, i need to get home and take some phones away. thank you very much, elizabeth.

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we're going to turn to the nba finals. game 5 tonight. celtics are looking to close out the series on their home court. but the mavericks are hoping to rise momentum from game 4's blowout. will reeve is in boston for us to check out the big game. good morning, will. >> reporter: good morning, michael. we are back in boston because the dallas mavericks emphatically kept the series alive back in game 4. now the celtics do have three more chances to win their record 18th title, but already things are starting to get interesting. this morning the boston celtics have a chance to make history at home. you have a chance to win a record 18th title on your home floor. what does that mean to you? >> it would mean everything. >> reporter: after losing by nearly 40 points in game 4 in dallas on friday, jayson tatum and his team want to close out the series and win the first franchise championship in 16 years, but the superstar said their 3-1 series lead gives them some leeway.

7:17 am

>> we're not with the mind set of, we have to win tomorrow. it would be amazing. it would be an incredible feeling, incredible feeling for us and the fans. >> reporter: does that just make you play freeer? >> yeah. we just have to win one. that mindset of, we have to play better than we did last game, and i believe that we will. let's play the right way. let's play better. >> reporter: the mavericks have no such luxury. one more loss and they're done. >> they're gonna give everything they have. the city's ready as well. so we have to be ready for their best shot. >> the chatter now is to continue to believe and why not us? the mood is high. everybody's excited. everybody's in good spirits. the energy is high. everybody feels confident. >> reporter: with boston on the verge of a championship and dallas on the brink of elimination, game 5 will be a battle. >> no matter how long it takes, whatever it takes. no matter where it is. no matter if it goes game 5 or game 7, we're gonna fight. that's just the mentality we're gonna have to have.

7:18 am

>> reporter: so today's stat of the day is actually a date of the day. june 17, 2008 the boston celtics won their last title here in boston. and also here on june 17th, 1775 in the revolutionary war the battle of bunker hill. that was just a moral victory for the continental army. the home team in that case. no such thing as a moral victory here tonight with this thing on the line. it's game 5 of the nba finals 8:30 p.m. on abc. >> michael: we appreciate the history. >> whit: our resident historian. >> michael: thank you, buddy. appreciate you. coming up the ex-husband of sherri papini, the mom who faked her own kidnapping. he reveals for the first time how she fooled him for years, and why he believed her. >> whit: and princess kate's royal return. what she's saying about her health as she returns to public life for the first time since revealing her cancer diagnosis. >> rebecca: plus the top swimmers going for gold, racing to paris on team usa's olympic team.

7:19 am

but first ginger. >> ginger: houston has had plenty of rain over a foot above average year to date. about to get more. we've got a couple tropical areas we are watching.

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>> michael: coming up how "inside out 2" is sparking conversation with parents and kids.

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7:24 am

one firefighter was injured overnight. had to be taken to the hospital. their condition is not known. and this morning, an evacuation site is open at el molino high school in forestville. now here's sue with a look at traffic. >> thank you. kumasi we're headed to the bay bridge toll plaza. we had an earlier solo car accident. right. that the tolls that's been cleared to the east parking lot still jammed. still metering lights over to the richmond san rafael bridge and accident here on the approach to the tolls. and you're stacked up all the way to central avenue beyond central, actually to castro. excuse me. to harbor way. so it's a big backup getting to the richmond san rafael bridge this morning and an earlier accident in the south bay, this one 680 at 101 that is still out there and you're fine. slow traffic guys. >> thank you. sue. meteorologist lisa argen

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>> good monday morning. clear conditions. a bit of haze here from mount tam 51, san francisco 52. half moon bay 59. sunny skies, good air quality. san jose the golden gate bridge here. notice no marine layer today, tomorrow, but it returns on wednesday. the winds picking up throughout the afternoon. right now it's not bad, but we're talking 25 to maybe 30 miles an hour and they've shifted out of the north through the north bay. so hazy conditions with a spare, the air alert to the north and mid to upper 80s inland today. kumasi. >> thank you lisa, if you're streaming on the abc seven bay area app, abc seven at seven is next for everyone else. gma >> ask anyone thinking of their future and getting to the math tutor on time. honda hybrids electrified driving you can count on see your norcal honda dealer for a great deal on the hybrid. you can trust. >> what's the quickest, easiest, most affordable way to transform every room in your home? if you have old, ugly, or cheap hollow

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there's alicia keys and jay-z at last night's tony awards. the two performing "empire state of mind" here in new york featured in hell's kitchen which scored two tony awards. >> rebecca: an incredible musical. that song never gets old. i can always listen to that and it immediately makes me love new york a little bit more. first we turn to our top headlines we are following right now. israel has announced what it is calling a tactical pause to increase the flow of humanitarian aid into gaza. the idf said it has paused its operations around a key highway for aid trucks. president netanyahu is still vowing to continue the ground assault against hamas in rafah. and celebrity chef gordon ramsay says he is lucky to be alive after a recent bicycle accident that sent him to the hospital. the 57-year-old released a video showing off a nasty bruise on his torso.

7:32 am

he thanked his doctors for their care, and reminded people to always wear their helmets, saying he would not be here without his. an important reminder. >> whit: that is a nasty bruise. golfer bryce dechambeau won his second u.s. open in pinehurst, north carolina. he battled back a challenge from rory mcilroy. he missed two putts inside four feet on the last holes. it all came down to the final hole where dechambeau said he probably hit the best shot of his life. >> michael: he hit a bunker shot that was amazing. poor rory. i know there was pressure on rory to win. >> whit: slitly. >> michael: i know i have missed putts inside four feet. >> whit: we all have. that was a great come back. we have a lot more ahead, including guess where we are? it has the beauty and greece and italy for just a fraction of the cost. we will reveal our bucket list on a budget coming up. >> michael: looking forward to that. now an exclusive interview with

7:33 am

keith papini, the ex-husband of sherri, who faked her own abduction and lied about it for six years. he's speaking out about it for the first time since her arrest. chief national correspondent matt gutman sat down with him. good morning again, matt. >> reporter: good morning, michael. when i first interviewed keith papi he had been shattered by his wife's disappearance. now nearly eight years later he is shattered by the hoax. i asked him why he did this docu series. he told me to get the truth out, to tell people he had nothing to do with sherri's plan and the biggest victims of that hoax was her own family. >> hey yo. >> she made us all believe that her story was true. every single day she committed to the lie. >> reporter: he was the husband at the center of the kidnapping hoax that captivated the country. >> george: search for a missing mom in california, sherri papini vanished while jogging near her home. >> reporter: now keith papini is revealing new details about how

7:34 am

his wife sherri faked her own disappearance, claimed she had been kidnapped by two hispanic women. the hoax didn't just last 22 days. it lasted for years, six years. >> and every single day -- that's what people don't realize. it was every single day. >> reporter: in the new hulu documentary series keith recalls the six year long saga. what made you want to revisit that? >> i wanted to get the truth out there and really wanted to let everybody know, like, how convincing sherri was all those years and how i believed everything that she was telling me. >> reporter: in 2016 the california mother of two vanishing after going for a jog. the frantic 22-day search for sherri began with keith's 911 call. >> i'm like totally freaking out thinking somebody grabbed her. >> reporter: as the husband police were the first person they questioned.

7:35 am

but he passed a polygraph test. you said you were living a perfect life. there were cracks. she was telling other people that you were abusive. she told friends that you'd kill her if she ever left you. are those allegations true? >> of course not. those allegations hurt, they're painful. >> reporter: did you ever physically or mentally abuse her? >> never. >> reporter: keith helping lead the search, but without luck. on thanksgiving day, sherri turned up on the side of a highway. >> are you chained up? >> yes, yes. >> reporter: shackled, bruised and branded. when we interviewed keith after it happened in 2016, he broke down. >> she literally lived through hell. >> reporter: but now he says even then there was doubts. when you first encountered her in the hospital, what was your first instinct? >> when i pulled back the curtain and i saw her and the look in her eyes, i felt in that moment that she was lying. it wasn't until when i really

7:36 am

got close and i could just see the amount of injuries, bruises, burns to her body. it was a shock to me. i remember thinking, how horrible of me to even think that she could have done this to herself? >> reporter: for years authorities searched for her supposed hispanic captors. >> the amount of fear that our family lived in that was fake is excruciating. i mean, security at our house, new doors, locks, cameras. >> reporter: then august of 20 trace dna led authorities to her former boyfriend james reyes, who they say helped sherri carry out her plan. he passed a polygraph and he has never been charged with a crime. investigators confronting sherri about her hoax. keith right there.

7:37 am

it wasn't until 19 months later, in march of 2022, that sherri finally arrested, convicted of lying to a federal officer, serving ten months in prison. she apologized in court, but has sherri ever apologized to you or the children? >> no, never. she has no remorse that i have ever witnessed or seen. >> reporter: do you still talk to her? >> i do not talk to sherri at all. it's verk that she concocted this hoax, disappeared, beat herself to a pulp for 22 days then continued to lie about it for years? >> i think she wanted me to be her knight in shining armor and run to her. and i think that she wanted to plan a fake kidnapping. but in her version, i was supposed to find her. >> reporter: keith said the

7:38 am

ordeal still haunts him. do you think you will ever be able to get out under the doubt of the sherri papini hoax? >> i think it's always going to be there. we do want to move past it. i do want to provide my children, you know, an amazing childhood. but i think it will always be there. >> reporter: we reached out to sherri and her ex-boyfriend james reyes for comment. neither responded. sherri reportedly has a new boyfriend and keith says that she told their kids that she's now authoring two children's books. when asked keith if he is happier now, no, but is healing and trying to offer his kids the best childhood he can. guys? >> michael: all right, matt. the whole thing is just unbelievable. >> whit: still so many question, too, about the case. >> michael: perfect wife the disappearance of sherri papini streams thursday on hulu. >> rebecca: coming up later john

7:39 am

york talks to us about battling and beating two different cancers at the same time. next, princess kate's first public appearance since her diagnosis. james longman has details. hey, james. >> reporter: hey, rebecca. outside buckingham palace on this gloriously sunny day. we'll have all the details on kate's glamorous return to public life. she looked incredible. the kids were all there. come on back. (grandpa vo) i'm the richest guy in the world. hi baby! (woman 1 vo) i have inherited the best traditions. (woman 2 vo) i have a great boss... it's me. (man 1 vo) i have people, people i can count on. (man 2 vo) i have time to give (grandma vo) and a million stories to share. (grandpa vo) if that's not rich, i don't know what is. (vo) the key to being rich is knowing what counts. type 2 diabetes? discover the ozempic® tri-zone.

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7:43 am

>> rebecca: we are back with princess kate's return to the public eye. all eyes were on the palace balcony during an vent celebrating king charles' birthday. her appearance there was her first in month. foreign correspondent james longman is at buckingham palace with details. good morning, james. >> reporter: good morning, rebecca. yeah, kate is back. she is still receiving treatment. she says she's taking each day as it comes. but she looked stunning. there were huge crowds out here to see her, the three children, william, too. all out for the king's birthday parade. it was the king's official birthday, there was one undeniable star of the show. the princess of wales, back in the public eye for the first time since her cancer diagnosis. kate rode out in a carriage with her children. the crowd cheering as she joined the procession of the parade. kate said she felt well enough for this key event, her first official outing since christmas.

7:44 am

i'm making good progress, she shared in a statement friday, but anyone going through chemotherapy knows, there are good days and bad day. saturday was clearly a good day. the princess stunning in white and black, seemingly enjoying being out. but she warned she's not out of the woods yet and that she was taking each day as it comes, listening to my body, and allowing myself to take as much time as it needs to heal. kate is still receiving treatment and no date has been set for a full return to royal duties. >> there may be a couple more occasions that she does carry out. she'll have to judge each day as it come. >> reporter: the future queen revealed to the world she was under going chemotherapy for cancer in march. >> william and i have been doing everything we can to process this for the sake of our young family. >> reporter: her father-in-law also under going cancer treatment of his own. he was said to be delighted that kate could join the birthday parade.

7:45 am

someone else that was delighted young prince louis back in his unofficial title, mischief maker in chief. and louis always manages somehow to steal the show. it was a big weekend for his siblings as well, because they shared their first official social media post. it was for father's day. it was on the family's official instagram page. a photograph of william and the three children taken by kate. the caption reads simply dear papa, we love you. happy father's day, love g, c and l. guys? >> whit: great to see her back out there. prince louis always putting on a show for us. >> rebecca: mischief maker in chief. i love that. >> whit: thanks, james. coming up taylor swift's ex speaking for the first time about their split. next our day of the day. janai norman with a look at the summer olympic. >> the americans going for gold in paris. stick around. you don't want to miss it. . stick around, you don't want

7:46 am

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a heatwave, it's kinda chilly in here. oh, that's because i'm pre-cooling the house with the ac before 4 pm. then i'll turn our thermostat to a comfortable 78 or higher that way i could stay cool later. ooh, what about me? you're never cool. oh. >> michael: the americans are >> whit: we are back with our play of the day. americans going for gold in the pool this summer. the olympic swim trials are under way with some familiar faces. very exciting, janai. we're getting close. >> janai: we are slowly getting closer to the olympics next month. hard to talk about swimming wit mentioning katie. she's already won more individual gold medals than any female swimmer in olympic

7:50 am

history and she punched her ticket to compete for more this summer. this morning katie likeki booking her ticket to paris after making her fourth olympic. the swimming superstar easily winning the 400mm free style to sem*nt her place on team usa. she becomes the eighth swimmer to qualify for four olympic games. >> you're literally watching history in the making. >> just trying to soak in every moment of the process, the process of getting to the olympics. >> reporter: meanwhile the most seasoned competitor at this year's trials trying to make history of her own. 46-year-old gabrielle rose is a two time olympian. her last one was in 2000. over the weekend, swimming in the semifinals of the 100 breart swimming hsonal best time. lilyingrabbihe first place position heading into

7:51 am

tomorrow's final. >> blitzing the field. >> janai: we saw a world record fall in the 100 meter butterfly. 21-year-old gretchen walsh smashing the 8-year-old previous record. so we've got the trials that continue until the 23rd. of course, this is all the fun leading up to the summer olympics in paris. gabrielle rose last made the olympics 26 years ago. oh my gosh. history in the make. >> rebecca: love it. >> michael: we all got a shot. >> whit: coming up, we'll reveal the ultimate destination dupe for the amalfi coast. our dream vacation on a budget. >> ginger: coming up "inside out red assa teensweou anxiety. urocal news and wext.

7:52 am

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(vo) cinnamon toast crunch. blasted with cinnadust. >> rachel: coming up, >> ginger: coming up "inside out 2" has inspired conversation with teens and all we do. >> if you're injured in a motorcycle accident, don't fight the insurance companies with just any lawyer. call one 804 bikers. we ride, we care, we win

7:56 am

. if you go down, call russ brown. motorcycle attorneys. >> is that your new nissan rogue? yeah. >> crazy story. so this morning, i'm at the nissan thrill of summer sales event, taking a test drive when dave's like, these cars are going fast. i knew i had to have that rogue nissan offers six vehicles starting under $30,000. >> this is the moment. like i'm gonna fall in love. i'm gonna do it my way. this is the beginning of a new era >> always live abc seven news starts right now. >> good morning everyone. i'm kumasi aaron from abc seven mornings. here's sue now with a look at traffic. >> good morning. we've got a high wind advisory for the san mateo bridge. traffic seems to be flowing nicely. it's about a 20 minute drive from hayward over towards foster city. you can see all the areas of red.

7:57 am

your typical slowing. we've had this accident, this one westbound 237 right before 101 second lane from the left is blocked. and here's a look at some of your drive times at this hour, lisa okay. >> so good morning. the view from mount tam shows a hazy picture. we have a spare the air alert today and temperatures are in the low 50s downtown. we're up to 60 in oakland, 61 in san jose and the golden gate bridge there. so the hazy atmosphere due to the fire to the north of us and that will be impacting the north bay, parts of the east bay. so spare the air alert today. the winds are offshore and we're looking at low relative humidity, elevated fire danger, red flag warning. north bay interior mountains through tonight. >> thank you. lisa, if you're streaming with us on the abc seven bay area app. abc seven at seven is next for everyone else. gma >> you need new replacement windows, but you're just not sure if they're in the budget this year, right? i'm brian gary here with ted kunz from renewal by andersen. and he's here to

7:58 am

talk about how to make window replacement more affordable. >> well first brian, you don't have to do them all. you could just replace your worst windows first. or another way to make them affordable is to change the style of window. for example, you could do a gliding window instead of a casem*nt. we have a lot of ways to make window projects really affordable compared to other window companies. >> you have a completely different business model. >> yeah, with other companies, there's just too many people involved in the process. there's the manufacturer, the seller, and then the installer and then the customer. and if you call with a problem, that's when they say, oh, well, we're the manufacturer. you have to call the installer for that problem, or vice versa. we're the full service replacement window division of andersen with us. there's no passing the buck at renewal by andersen. we sell, build, install and warrant our windows and patio doors. so if there's ever an issue, we take full responsibility for it. >> why don't you sell vinyl windows? >> well, a lot of vinyl products just don't hold up well in the elements, you know, like a vinyl

7:59 am

fence. when it's first installed, it looks great, but with expansion and contraction it discolors and cracks for that same reason, a lot of vinyl windows just won't last. our window material is a composite that combines the best of vinyl and wood. well, fibrex is low maintenance like vinyl, but stronger than vinyl and it's beautiful like wood, but doesn't require the upkeep of wood. >> replace your windows and doors now and don't pay anything for a year. its renewal by anderson's buy now, pay later event before june 30th. save $299 on every window. save $799 on every door and best of all, don't pay anything for one full year. that's the pay later part. nice, right? this event ends june 30th. call. >> our world is constantly changing and every day stanford medicine advances our understanding. our world class

8:00 am

school of medicine and adult and children's health systems work together, expanding what we know and sharing what we discover to make breakthroughs both possible and accessible. stanford medicine advancing knowledge and improving lives. >> alameda county fair is here. catch that summer feeling with delicious fair food, thrilling carnival rides, racing pigs, fireworks, live horse racing and more. plus the big o tires concert series come out and play open through july 7th. scan qr or visit alameda county >> michael: good morning america. it's 8:00 a.m. out of control. wild fires burning across california, scorching thousands of acres, and the dangerous temperatures on the move. tens of millions of americans bracing for historic heat this

8:01 am

week. >> rebecca: joe alwyn breaking his silence on his relationship with taylor swift, giving his side of the story about their breakup after six years. what he's saying about the grammy winner. >> whit: getting emotional. >> i'm anxiety. i'm such a huge fan of yours. >> whit: inside out 2 making box office history and sparking new conversations with parents and teens about anxiety. what symptoms to look out for, and how you can help your kids. ♪ >> rebecca: broadway bound. nick jonas and adrienne warren are here talking about their musical coming to the great white way. ♪ this is what i live for ♪ >> michael: and bucket list on a budget takes on destination dupes. we're live from a traveller's hidden treasure with the natural beauty of greece and italy. an adventure for every member of the family, all at a fraction of the cost. as we say good morning america.

8:02 am

>> announcer: live in times square, this is gma. >> michael: good morning america. maggie rulli is live at our destination dupe for our destination on a bucket. i gotta say we're all jealous. it looks incredible where you are. where are you? >> reporter: michael, it is incredible here! we've got sun, sand. we've got these absolutely gorgeous views. but, guys, we are not in greece or italy. this beautiful place is the albanian rivera, a hidden gem that's fraction of the price. don't worry, we're going to take you inside this beautiful budget destination dupe coming right up. >> rebecca: we can't wait for that. we love to see you dance, too. thank you for that. >> whit: a bonus. >> rebecca: the new study on the spike in high blood pressure during pregnancy, more than doubling over a dozen years. why it could be happening. dr. jen ashton is here. >> whit: but first a look at top stories breaking at 8 starting

8:03 am

with the wild fire raging near los angeles already burning thousands of acres and forcing people to evacuate. our chief national correspondent matt gutman is in gorman, california. matt, good morning once again. >> reporter: good morning whit. this fire really exploded overnight, as you mentioned, one of a dozen in california. this one turbo charged by this wind. it moved so fast through this auto body shop, the owners told us that every single car you see here went up in smoke and was incinerated in just five minutes. this morning the race is on to stop multiple wild fires scorching southern california. in los angeles county, the so called post fire burning over 22 square miles forcing at least 1,200 people to evacuate including 1,000 campers. >> i have never seen anything like it. it was really scary. >> reporter: the miller family was celebrating father's day on pyramid lake when they received orders to leave.

8:04 am

>> my vision was getting blurry because of all the smoke while i was going around the boat. >> reporter: as of this morning, the blaze that began on saturday is only 2% contained. >> one of the key factors that we have that are playing into the severity of the fire are the heavy wind situation right now. >> reporter: hundreds of firefighters responding to the emergency, using helicopters and planes to drop water and flame retardant. this wild fire is at least one of a dozen burning across the state. >> our neighborhood and most of santa rosa is just inundated with smoke. >> reporter: the point fire is 15% contained and in lancaster crews fully containing the max fire, but not before it incinerated structures and vehicles. cal fire saying this is already the rain has created brush that is fuel for these fires. they expect a very intense fire

8:05 am

season. red flag warnings remain in effect here through this evening. >> rebecca: thank you for jumping right into action there, matt. okay. we turn now to the extreme heat. 80% of the country is expected to face temperatures topping 90 degrees this week. ginger's tracking that. nice to see you again. good morning, ginger. >> ginger: great to see you, rebecca. it's not just regular old summer. national weather service in caribou, maine, telling us they could see all-time record heat, like of any month, meaning hotter than july or even august. but of course, we're still in june. that's why we've got heat advisories up from cedar rapid, iowa, up to boston. excessive heat watch that was just put out for philadelphia. that's for later this week. chicago could see a daily record today. over to cleveland. what you're looking at here is the excessive heat warning, meaning this is where extreme impact could be felt. that purple color from illinois, indiana, ohio, into new england. that's when we look at the timing. what they're talking about is not just afternoon highs of which will be record in

8:06 am

pittsburgh almost every day. hottest five day stretch potentially since records began in the late 1800s. but also it's all about those overnight lows. with the warming climate we anticipate overnight lows that have been warming two times faster. especially in this area. this is five times more likely because of human emissions. >> michael: hot just hot out there, ginger. thank you very much. turning to the just released study on high blood pressure during pregnancy finding that it has doubled over the last dozen years. our chief medical correspondent dr. jen ashton is here with details. tell us about this study. >> michael, called the silent killer for a reason. we're talking about its effects on two people, a pregnant woman and the fetus. this study looking at the rates of high blood pressure over the last 13 or so years. the findings not good. it's doubled to about 3.7% in the last 13 years. shockingly only about 60% of pregnant women are being treated for this condition. even after that goes identified. 81% of those who are identified

8:07 am

as having high blood pressure then go on in the post partum period which is up to six weeks based on the study to have issues in that period. we've heard the criteria for blood pressure go down recently nor nonpregnant people. for pregnant women it's still 140/90. this is a problem that's getting worse, not better. >> michael: what is the impact on high blood pressure on a pregnant woman and fetus? >> remember, we have two patients' lives we have to take care of. when you look at the risk of a pregnant woman, having high blood pressure increases premature delivery, cardiovascular disease which is the number one killer of pregnant woman. when you talk about the risks to fetus, low birth weight, preterm birth. this has the potential for affecting over 150,000 pregnant women and their fetuses in this country every year. >> michael: lot of things that

8:08 am

are affected. you delivered over 1,500 babies. what is the bottom line? >> it's called a vital sign for a reason. we need to know our blood pressure. so often it's checked incorrectly. needs to be checked in both arms at least initially for the first time for a patient use the right size blood pressure cuff otherwise you can get a falsely elevated reading if it's too small. pregnancy is considered a stress test for a pregnant woman. this is a vital sign that we need to pay much closer attention to. >> michael: because of you, we are. all right, doc, thank you very much for that. coming up in our gma morning menu, joe alwyn speaking for the first time about his split from taylor swift. what he's saying about the relationship. >> rebecca: "general hospital" star john york on his battle with two forms of cancer at the same time. what he would say to the young man whose bone marrow donation saved his life. >> whit: we check out trending products on social media. becky worley kicks it off with a look at collagen supplements to

8:09 am

see if they are worth the hype. plus nick jonas and adrienne warren are headed to broadway. but first they're stopping here to times square. that's all coming up on gma. ♪ ♪ (♪) these new menu items at panera are perfect tens. they're also each under $10. more new sandwiches and salads, more in every bite, and more new options under $10. enjoy free drinks all summer when you join panera's unlimited sip club today. i have relapsing ms

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8:13 am

with a new parade. so, join the party, now through august 4th, 2024. visit the disneyland resort with a special 3-day disneyland ticket offer for a limited time. hey, flex. considering there's a heatwave, it's kinda chilly in here. oh, that's because i'm pre-cooling the house with the ac before 4 pm. then i'll turn our thermostat to a comfortable 78 or higher that way i could stay cool later. ooh, what about me? you're never cool. oh. >> robin: i gotta run. i am headed to portugal. it's gma's european adventure. i'm so excited. >> announcer: the beauty, the wow. robin's taking you to portugal this week on -- >> good morning america! >> whit: welcome back to gma. notice how she just left us behind like that? we'll remember that. tomorrow, robin join us from portugal for gma's european

8:14 am

vacation. she is there this week to show us the natural beauty, hear some great music and a whole lot more. all starts tomorrow. >> michael: i thought we were gonna get invited. >> whit: i know, right? >> michael: we didn't make the cut. now to our gma cover story. actor joe alwyn opening about his relationship and breakup with taylor swift. eva pilgrim is here with details. >> joe alwyn is doing press for his latest project, but the thing so many people want to know about is not his work but his ex-girlfriend the one and only taylor swift. while swift has written some songs neither have ever commented on their breakup before until now. this morning taylor swift's ex, joe alwyn speaking publicly for first time about their split. ♪ ♪ bye bye lover ♪

8:15 am

>> reporter: the london raised actor is speaking about the breakup saying the end of a long, loving fully committed relationship that is a hard thing to navigate. alwyn acknowledging the frenzy in the after math saying there is always going to be a gap between what is known and what is said. i have made my peace with that. ♪ the pain was before never more ♪ >> reporter: the two were together for six years. ♪ your heart was black i dropped a champagne reporter: the two even writing six songs together. ♪ i think i have seen this room before and i didn't like the ending ♪ >> reporter: while swift hasn't spoken publicly about the split, she appeared to address it in her new album the tortured poets album. the tortured poets department. ♪ so long london ♪ >> reporter: the songstress writing "so long london" about that time, even

8:16 am

the title seemingly a group chat he had with his friends called the tortured man club. alwyn said he feels fortunate to be in a great place in his life professionally and personally. as for swift, we all know how she's doing. sold out work tour, a new boyfriend, kansas city chiefs tight end travis kelce. seems like they're doing well. >> whit: doing all right. thank you, eva. appreciate it. now john york's return to tv. the actor is speaking first on gma about his treatment battling two forms of cancer. he sat down with zohreen shaw to talk about his journey and getting back to work. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. when john york was 17 years old, he was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and crohn's. those were just constant battles that might have saved his life. in a checkup doctors detected two different cancers. as an actor in hollywood over 30

8:17 am

years, john has beat the odds, and cancer was no different. this morning general hospital star john york back on set as max skorpio after battling two different cancers. >> everybody has been very welcoming, very supportive. here i go already right off the top 'cause i can't tell you how nice it's been, the support that i have gotten. >> reporter: late last year john was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome and smoldering multiple myeloma. cancers impacting both the blood and bone marrow. >> i said, how long would i have if i did nothing? he said three to five years. i was like, three to five year, are you crazy? i feel fantastic. >> reporter: the 65-year-old deciding to go with the most aggressive form of treatment, finding a bone marrow donor and undergoing chemotherapy, helping him get back to work quickly. >> seven days of chemo in tennessee and then i was available to work for two, three -- three weakness california.

8:18 am

>> reporter: you're working this whole time? >> yeah. my philosophy was always one day at a time, let's just get through today. >> reporter: john's family supportive the whole time. his son-in-law and grandson shaving their heads in solidarity. >> i wanted to give you a little update as to how things were going along. >> reporter: months later john bringing his fans into his cancer journey. >> i made the announcement. it has helped. so many people have, you know, joined the registry just to save someone's life. >> reporter: one saved his. after months looking for a donor he got the call from nmdp, formerly known as the national marrow donor program, and be the match. >> she said we found an exact match. and i just couldn't talk. just a little bag of, you know, blood and fluid and they put it in my body. 40 minutes later and i am this person. my cells are fighting each other, getting to know each other.

8:19 am

here we are back to work. grandfather's purpose, if not to spoil his grandchildren, right? >> reporter: back on set with these mac is back shirts, and cast and crew that he loves. what was the part that you missed the most while you were gone? >> you know, i just felt so attached that i didn't feel like i missed anything. i feel like i just had a little break, a little vacation, i guess. had to go through something. and now we're here on kind of the other side of it. >> reporter: one thing john expressed will bring him joy, one day meeting his 20-year-old donor. he has two things to say to him. thank you, and are you a good golfer? he hasn't been able to play golf in awhile and he's hoping his swing will improve. while he's been back on set for several week, he will be back on your screens on "general hospital" this wednesday. michael? >> michael: zoreen, we're happy mac is back. thank you very much for that story. now to inside out 2. it made over $295 million globally in its opening weekend.

8:20 am

set a record for the second biggest opening weekend ever for an animated movie. with so many families coming together to watch riley's new emotions, conversation about this complicated feeling is growing. erika suitor is here to give us best tips about talking to your kids. one of the emotions in this movie is anxiety. it's something you are told that should stop. in this movie, they are reframing it. how is that? >> i love the way that they reframe it. you talk about anxiety as an emotion. it doesn't always have to mean it's a disorder that will disrupt a child's life. it's important that kids experience these tough emotions. they are supposed to experience a little sadness, fear, anxiety. this helps them build grit and resilience. it teaches them what is safe and unsafe. it helps them create boundaries about how they want to be treated and how they treat others. i really want parents to help their kids be comfortable being uncomfortable. it's really important to develop

8:21 am

these skills so that they can rebound when things don't go their way. >> michael: life is not always perfect and comfortable. that is the true. you have an official advisory on youth mental health. in 2021, the journal pediatrics estimate globally one in five kids under 18 experience anxiety symptoms. what symptoms do you look out for as a parent? and how can you help your kids navigate that when they appear? >> child mind institute says symptoms are variable. they often include irritability, trouble concentrating, consistent stomachaches and headache. if you see your child is struggling, there are things you do to help. you want to identify the triggers. that's really important. is it around a certain activity or around a certain person? you want to practice empathy. things that can be normal to us, not a big deal, can be titanic problems to your child. you want to make sure you're empathetic. you want to challenge unhealthy thinking.

8:22 am

kids are like, this happened and my life is over. we want to help them think about things differently. also want to teach them techniques like medication and deep breathing. lots of patients find success with that. you want to help them build confidence. that starts by giving them independence, letting them do things to push themselves to become little miniadults and spend quality time with their children. so many times we are telling them what to do, asking about their grades. if you just have a relaxed time with them, they're more likely to open up. >> michael: great advice. we appreciate your time. thank you very much. "inside out 2" is playing everywhere. ginger? >> ginger: lot of people have storm anxiety, kids included. we want to say be prepared, don't be scared. there are storms on the way today as there have been over the weekend. several in nebraska reported tornados. today it's mostly about the severe weather this morning that's moving through.

8:23 am

flood watches for three to five inches. minnesota is smothered in >> rebecca: we turn to our new series worth the hype, looking at trending items and if they measure up to their claims. this morning it is all about collagen supplements, a more than $5 billion industry with very big promises. becky worley is joining us with more. good morning, becky. >> rebecca, good morning.

8:24 am

as we age, collagen production decreases so there's a new focus, collagen powders that promise younger skin but is this stuff really worth the hype? >> go get the collagen. go get some collagen. >> reporter: there's no bigger buzz in beauty than collagen, from social media influencers. >> i feel like i am experiencing volume to my hair. >> reporter: walls of the stuff at costco, to america's sweetheart jennifer aniston who is the chief creative officer of one of the biggest collagen companies. >> there's a lot of money behind collagen. >> reporter: promises range from allegedly helping to support skin hydration and elasticity, making hair and nails grow faster, reducing joint pain and a more youthful appearance. but what does the science say? >> if you would have asked me 10 or 15 years ago what the science is about collagen, i would tell you unsure.

8:25 am

however, now it's very different. there are a lot of studies that have shown that taking a collagen supplement can improve the health and appearance of your skin. >> reporter: but with so many different kinds, type 1, type 2, hydrolyzed, marine, how do you choose? dr. anthony yu said type 1 is best for hair, skin and nails. you should get hydrolyzed. >> the belief is that if you take the hydrolyzed version, it will be coming in through your gut. now there's also marine collagen so it's basically fish based. and a marine collagen using each brand's recommended serving size. vital proteins came in most expensive at about $1.67 a serving. then anthony's collagen powder that costs about $0.62 a serving, and california gold

8:26 am

marine collagen powder that costs about $0.40 a serving. all three products are intended to be dissolved into liquids hot or cold kind of leaves an aftertaste, almost like soup, and it's a little gummy. there are also liquid options, many that come with other supplements and have a wide range of price points. this one berry flavored with stevia for just $0.58 a serving oh, that's too sweet. and this one that comes in at $3.16 per serving. but is liquid necessarily better than powder? >> there does appear to be any real difference between a liquid collagen supplement and a powder . use whatever you feel that you can consistently take every day. >> all the products we looked at are shoppable on our website or with the qr code, but remember, supplements are not tightly regulated, so it is buyer beware. rebecca beck, we saw you sampling. >> what's the verdict out? >> well, you know, i have taken

8:27 am

the stuff for about a year. i used the anthony's one because it's in a bag, not a big bulky plastic bottle. i think my hair and nails are growing a little, but as far as my skin, i mean, i'm a 50 something woman in tv. i'm throwing a kitchen sink at this thing you are blowing every day here. >> becky coming up, we are going on a budget to beautiful albania . for. >> when a situation gets real, mavericks mania here in the first half of game four, the real one is going to show up a spectacular dominant performance from luka and the mavericks. >> celtics hope will have to wait another day. the nba finals game five on always live abc seven news starts right now. >> good morning. i'm reggie aqui from abc seven mornings. here's traffic with sue. >> good morning reggie. we are looking at some heavy traffic. look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is bumper to bumper right now. we still have lots of

8:28 am

slow traffic on the span heading into san francisco. and this is a look at the richmond-san rafael bridge. we had an earlier accident. mid-span that's been cleared. traffic is now, as you can see, inching along over to marin county. we've got a problem on 237, this one westbound by right by a 101 that's in the clearing phases. and 880 southbound at alvarado. we've got an accident as well. and that's blocking two lanes. reggie aqui. >> all right. thanks so much. we're going to check in with meteorologist lisa argen for your accuweather forecast right after this. >> who's your realtor? seriously, who is your realtor? lately there's been a lot in the news about real estate and realtors, so let us help clear the air. california realtors are californians just like you, and we all strive every day to be your trusted advisors on the biggest financial decision of your life. we get you past the tough stuff and on to the good stuff. not because it's our job, but because it's your dream. let's go to work. california

8:29 am

association of realtors. >> we're in the middle of seizing the date. >> in the middle of trying new things. >> in the middle of the perfect pairing. and parking it here for the night. so together to the incredible, unforgettable illinois, the middle of everything >> at the jeep. make this the summer event. you can take a vacation from payments on the most capable wrangler ever. our most affordable suv, jeep compass. the only open air pickup jeep gladiator and the most awarded suv ever jeep grand cherokee. hurry into your jeep brand dealer and make the most out of summer with great deals. plus no payments for 90 days during the jeep. >> make this the summer event. get $2,000 bonus cash allowance on most 2024 jeep wrangler models or well qualified lessees

8:30 am

can lease the 2024 wrangler willys for by eve for 3.99 a month. >> hey. bay area live with kelly and marcus. coming up, we'll chat with howie mandel from america's got talent, plus beach day tips with monica mangan. that's at nine on abc seven. >> good morning to you. our offshore winds continue with 50s and 60s this morning a little hazy a spare the air alert. it is 68 by the delta with north wind at 12 miles an hour. so the winds picking up in the next few hours as we get into a red flag warning for the north bay interior mountains, look at the upper elevations near 40 miles an hour. mount diablo. so be careful out there. reggie >> lisa. thank lisa. you. anothc seven seven news update in about 30 minutes. you ♪ ♪ >> announcer: welcome back to gma live from times square. >> rebecca: that's right. we are live in times square. welcome back to gma for our budget list on a budget. and take a look at that beach.

8:31 am

you might think it's greece, or maybe italy. but you are actually looking at albania, where you will get all the luxury and relaxation for a fraction of the cost. maggie rulli is there to show it to us. hi, maggie. >> reporter: hey, rebecca, good morning. life is good. i have got my toes in the water, the sun is shining and just look at these absolutely gorgeous views. when i say albania, most people don't think vacation destination. some probably still associate the country with communism. guys, when you see this beach, you can see how much has changed in the last 30 years. our team did the hard work for you. you're welcome. we checked out all the beaches, history and food that albania has to offer. sweeping views of the mediterranean, breathtaking natural wonders, ancient ruins. no, we're not in greece, italy or even croatia. all of this is albania.

8:32 am

just a 30 minute ferry ride from greece, across from italy, less than 200 miles from the croatian coast line. >> next up you're going to find some of the most stunning beaches in the entire world. last off you're going to be in a place that's a little bit off the beaten track. you will be ahead of curve by going there. >> as you tell from my stomach we have just eaten a lot. it's been wonderful. >> reporter: let's start with the main attraction the beaches of the albanian rivera. there are no major hotel chains here yet but for boutique option a room with a view cost around $250 a night. in greece a luxury hotel could run you thousands. hotels just one block from the water go for about 50 bucks a night. now that you're on the beach a setup like this one would set you back about 100 bucks in

8:33 am

greece. in albania it's $5 to $10. then for some adventure. wow! we head out on kayaks with miles and miles of coast line and islands to explore. the mountains right behind me are greece meaning we get to enjoy the exact same gorgeous views for a fraction of the price. after a full day at sea, i'm hungry. delicious. a meal like this on average cost about $15, 20 in albania. this would be three times that much in greece. and for a break from the water dive into albania's rich history. wow. this is home to ancient ruins dating back to 2nd century b.c. this stage is roman. almost like having the acropolis and the roman forum all in one place. it's about $10 for adults and free for kids under 12. don't miss the ancient city, a world heritage site complete

8:34 am

with a castle. known for its windy alley ways, stone houses and what i'm really excited for, the local bazaar. how cute are these? and for a glimpse of albania's natural wonders we visit the blue eye for just $0.50 a person. incredible. the water is vibrant blue, so clear you can see the bottom. wrap up your day with some night life. ♪ at $2.50 a beer it is about half the price as a pint in greece. but move quickly because the secret is getting out. what did you come to albania? >> tik tok. >> reporter: what did you see? >> videos. it was gorgeous. so we were just like, let's go. >> reporter: thanks, guys. albania plans to open up a new international airport on the coast next year. this hidden gem is not going to

8:35 am

stay hidden for that much longer. don't worry, we've got plenty more destination dupes lined up. after this, we are trading the sun for the sauna. friday we'll show you how to beat the heat in europe. we're not taking you to scandanavia. >> rebecca: wherever you are going, maggie, we will follow. looks like so much fun. thank you, maggie. coming up nick jonas and adrienne warren are here to tell us about their upcoming broadway musical. a power outage is looming. that's just alert, he's always getting worked up about something. flex alerts notify us of preventable power outages. that way we always know when to help stop one. ok flex, just drop some knowledge on me again. oh, ok i will - i'll turn our thermostat to 78... i'll unplug the blender. the hair dryer. - my blankie? - yep! - let's talk about it! - nope. ooo, we can save the laundry til' the morning! oh, yes please! oh! little things like this help save our power

8:36 am

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i lost some weight. ozempic® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't share needles or pens, or reuse needles. don't take ozempic® if you or your family ever had medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if allergic to it. stop ozempic® and get medical help right away if you get a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, or an allergic reaction. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. gallbladder problems may occur. tell your provider about vision problems or changes. taking ozempic® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase low blood sugar risk. side effects like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. living with type 2 diabetes? ask about the power of 3 with ozempic®.

8:38 am

♪ ♪ >> michael: we are back now >> michael: we are back now with the newest broadway dream team. singer songwriter nick jonas and tony award winner adrienne warren will be starring in first broadway production of the last five years. that's next spring. they are here to tell us all about it. welcome to gma, you two. yeah, give it up. [ applause ] so we saw you two last night. you presented at the tony awards. >> we did. >> michael: how was that? >> it was incredible. it's always a beautiful night to celebrate broadway and all the work that everyone has done. it was really special to be there. >> michael: you two will be starring in "the last five years" about the rise and fall of a relationship. so what drew you both to this play? >> this is a show that i have

8:39 am

loved for a very long time. i did broadway shows here in the city as a kid. i was in beauty of the beast as chip the tea cup when i was 9. my cast mates were obsessed with this when it was first in production off broadway. i bought the album and just wore it out. since then to now i dreamed of being on the show. when adrienne came on board it was a dream come true. we are trying to bring something special and different to this show that's so beloved but couldn't be more excited to be working with this team. our composer, whitney white, tony nominee last night, directing us. it will be a crazy journey, but we're excited. >> so excited. >> michael: same thing that drew you to it? >> i always admired this show, mainly for its music. jason robert brown i think is one of the greatest songwriters of our time. i'm so excited seeing this music and this score and to have the opportunity to bring kathy to broadway finally.

8:40 am

it's about time. >> michael: nick, you talked about when you were 9. you've been on broadway since you were 7. annie get your gun. what do you remember about that? >> i just remember my mom was in a hair salon. i was with her. i was like 6 years old singing as i always was. by chance the woman next to her said, hey, my son is in les mis. you should take your son to see his manager. it kind of started my journey on broadway. i will say that as a foundation performer, it shaped who i became, as a person. that work ethic and just the community, you feel that real presence of, you know, a team mentality, which is kind of what i was able to bring to what i do with my brothers in other projects. i'm so grateful to broadway and theater as a whole because it truly did shape who i became as a person. >> michael: adrienne, you were in annie. you played annie. what was it like to play such an

8:41 am

iconic role at a young age? >> it was a lot with that one. okay. [ laughter ] >> michael: you knew we had to have the old throw back. you were afraid of this picture popping up. we gotcha. >> it was a really incredible opportunity. that was the first time i realized i could actually go as far as i wanted to if i put the work in. i was one of the first black annis in america. so that was just a huge moment for me. it was a lesson i learned early on. if i put the work in, i could go as far as i wanted. >> michael: you're both good examples of that. you put in the work, good things happen. you won a tony for playing tina turner. it was the most energetic performance we ever had. i don't know how you were able to talk to us after you finished that performance. so much energy. are you going to bring this rock star spirit to this show? >> yeah. i'm gonna wear the same dress. it's gonna be great. [ laughter ] no, we're just gonna bring ourselves.

8:42 am

i think people -- i'm excited to come and sing this as adrienne. for so many years i have done shuffle along where i had to use another voice, tina, i had to find a voice that had tina's essence. so to just come and tell this story as adrienne, with my voice, that's what i'm excited about doing. >> i can't wait to hear her sing this show. as far as the rock star energy, i think we try to bring that to everything we do. >> yeah. >> that's the mentality. this show speaks for itself. it's long overdue to have a run on broadway. as i mentioned before something that feels sexy, tragic and everything in between. it's a beautiful story that i hope grips people's hearts and can be a celebration of his work. and, yes, the rock star energy will be there within both of us. >> always. >> michael: i'm sure the crowd's gonna love it. "the last five years" gonna be a

8:43 am

line outside the door. >> yes, yeah. >> michael: thank you both for being here. always love seeing you both. now to you, ginger. >> ginger: if you're not wearing that tina dress, can i wear it? [ laughter ] nice to see you. wow, the talent over there. we can't wait to see that. maybe you don't want to wait to see this. snow, in june, in the cascades, which is pretty normal. now the northern rockies are on alert for more than a foot in some of the highest elevations. winter storm warnings through the beginning of the week here. let's get a check little closer to home. >> ginger: and now we have some exciting news for parents, kids and kids at heart. our parent company disney is unveiling new toys. our lifestyle contributor

8:44 am

lori bergamotto is here with our very first look. lori, it is exciting. >> it is exciting. i have a 3-year-old so this is very much in my realm. these are all for preschool aged kids 3 and up. we are going to start with the ariel splash and glow. ariel, this is so adorable, ginger. this doll is inspired by the highly anticipated new disney junior show starring ariel. she's so cute. just press her little shell and she makes some little sound effects. she chats. she also, when you press her, i think we have footage of this, she puts on a water show. very spectacular. this is great. i think it will provide a lot of fun. it's interactive. i don't know where these toys were when we were growing up. they're so advanced. >> ginger: i was always ariel popping out. >> now you can play with that ariel. these are available on presale. it's $39.99. >> ginger: from the sea to above, and flying.

8:45 am

>> everywhere, yes. so this is from spidey and his amazing friends. this is a show that's on constant rotation in my house. press his web there for me on his foot, ginger. spidey. he does over 20 different songs, dances, phrases, things like that. also will crawl down here. this is an incredible toy. obviously, super interactive. this one is available today, ginger. definitely want to check that out on amazon and wal-mart. >> ginger: these are purrfect. i see what you did there. >> these are the cattastic transforming super kitties. we have jimmy here, regular old adorable kitty cat. then she can transform into a super kitty. they're really fun.

8:46 am

they make all different kinds of noises when you press them. you hear that? there's a fun little kitty cat song that they do, too, if i can get to it. there are so many sound effects. it also has a play set. you can see they're transformed. here's ginny. there she is. super kitty. they're all about kindness. great. these are for preorder today at amazon. >> ginger: thank you. we've got a lot of playing to do. thank you, lori. coming up here creed here performing live. don't miss it.

8:47 am

8:48 am

>> whit: we are back with on tour on gma. so many amazing artists hitting the road including hem emmy winning super stars creed. they are on tour. the summer tour already sold out but they kick off their are you ready reunion tour on november

8:49 am

2nd to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their classic album "human clay." you can get information on the concert tickets by scanning the qr code on the screen. we have some creed super fans in the house in the studio with us today. very excited about this performance. [ applause ] joe mancini has a question. joe, go ahead. >> big fan. just wondering what made you want to go out on a reunion tour? >> good question, joe. man, it was divine timing. it was a combination of things. i think our fans who've stayed with us for all these many years kind of cried out for it. then a whole new generation of fans started screaming for the band to get back together. we had ironically been talking about it. it was the perfect synergy and the right time. >> whit: we're mixing those fans right here. we have a performance. it remains one of the best selling albums of all time in the u.s., staying on the billboard 200 chart for the record breaking 104 weeks. off that album here's creed with

8:50 am

their smash hit "higher." take it away, guy. [ applause ] ♪ when dreaming i'm guided to another world time and time again ♪ ♪ at sunset i try to stay asleep 'cause i don't want to leave the comfort of this place ♪ ♪ 'cause there's a hunger a longing to escape from the life i live when i'm awake ♪

8:51 am

♪ so let's go there let's make our escape come on let's go there let's ask can we stay ♪ ♪ can you take me higher to a place where blind men ♪ can you take me higher to a place with golden streets ♪ ♪ so let's go there let's make our escape come on let's go there let's ask can we stay ♪ ♪

8:52 am

♪ up high i feel like i'm alive for the very first time ♪ ♪ said up high i'm strong enough to take these dreams and make them mine ♪ [ applause ] ♪ said up high i'm strong enough to take these dreams and make them mine ♪ ♪ can you take me higher to a place where blind men see ♪

8:53 am

♪ can you take me higher to a place with golden streets ♪ [ applause ] >> ginger: on tour on gma with creed is sponsored by live nation.

8:54 am

8:55 am

made out of lego pieces, string shoes, saxophones, and more. see the ordinary transformed. maybe you will be too

8:56 am

>> ron, i am headed to portugal. it's gma's european adventure. i'm so excited. you're not going to believe what we're going to show you. the beauty, the. >> wow. robin's taking you to portugal this week on. >> you definitely don't want to miss robin live from portugal for gma's european vacation. all of that starts tomorrow. >> and thank you so much to creed for an incredible thank you. >> want to thank to maggie and our team in albania for taking us to the beach. have a great day everybody. yeah hey, good morning america. >> swease. >> good morning america. good morning america. are you ready? >> they are ready. >> covering the biggest events in the country right now. there's a lot going on here this morning. >> you don't just see it, you feel it. i'm in, i'm in, i'm in, i'm in too. >> i'll be there. i am here and so happy. >> i'm in. i'm in too. michael. george. flair. ginger for life

8:57 am

>> sherri papini reported missing. >> you know, there's questions that just don't make sense. this is my home. >> in that moment, i felt like she was lying. when she's gone, snag saves you one, two, three with one lifetime installation warranty. >> two ways to shop at home or in their showrooms, plus free take home samples and free estimates. enduring shag carpets, beautiful floor sale. beautify your home with new flooring and save up to 25% off select carpet waterproof core hardwood and laminate up to 25. now that's beautiful and sandy. more than carpet. go to sg carpet comm for the showroom nearest you or to have their mobile showroom come to you. >> the infiniti qx60 was clearly designed to make an impression, and my first impression is wow, it totally fits my vibe. the

8:58 am

interior, it's luxurious. it really is. the back seat has a ton of room. hello ooh, i didn't realize this would have a third row of seating. consider me wowed. discover what you'll love about the 2024 three row qx60 with infiniti premium care included only at your local retailer. >> when you're hurt in an accident, results matter. at sweet james, our attorneys have participated in over 500 trials with a 98% winning record. we don't just win, we win the most there are plenty of personal injury firms, but we are one of the very few that deliver results like these. when your life has been impacted by an injury, there's only one firm to call sweet james. >> whiskey. myers. friday, june 21st toyota pavilion at concord a car and gasoline whiskey.

8:59 am

>> myers. deep down, endosperm >> special guests anderson east and vincent neal emerson. it's about time the world feels on sale. now at and whiskey myers live. >> hey, let's go somewhere fun with triple a! let's go for a night on the town. no kids. let's go for a weekend away. okay, let's bring the kids. but first, let's get this fixed. >> triple a, your membership to go. >> always live. >> abc seven news starts right now. >> good morning. i'm reggie aqui from abc seven mornings. >> here's traffic with sue. good morning reggie. >> we're going to take a look at this. still shot. this is an accident that has just been made into a sigalert on 880. the accident is southbound at alvarado boulevard. you can see the big rig in the middle of your screen. several cars

9:00 am

involved, and the two middle lanes cars are getting by on the right and left sides, but it's right smack dab in the middle of the highway. you're backed up beyond 92. lisa >> all right, good morning. we're starting out with those hazy conditions. mount tam, but the golden gate bridge looking nice that smoke from the fire to the north of us will continue to drift to the south. and you'll notice that as we get into the evening hours, much of the east bay, we'll see that surface smoke as well. 70s and 80s for most today, with breezy winds and a red flag warning in the north bay. >> reggie aqui lisa. thank you. we are back on the air for midday live at 11. right now midday live at 11. right now though, itit is is live with key deja vu: it's live with kelly and mark. [theme music plays] today, judge, actor, producer, writer and comic, howie mandel. plus, tips to make sure you have the best beach day ever. also, we check in with the viewers

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