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Good Vibes Nail SalonVeto St NW, Veto Street Northwest, Grand Rapids, 49504, MichiganManicure1h$30Gel Manicure1h$40Aura Nail Design30min$20The Whole Shabang with regular polish 1h 30min$70See all services
City Nail Bar20 Monroe Center Street Northeast, Grand Rapids Downtown, 49503, MichiganIntricate designs30minFrom $25Dip powder45min - 1h 15min$45Regular Manicure25min$23Gel/Shellac Manicure45min$38See all services
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2030 Lake Michigan Dr NW Ste 3, Grand Rapids, MI 49504, United States

+1 616-791-9905+1 616-791-9905Call to book

Makeup Service

Men's Facial

Eclipse Salon Suites

1606 Leonard St NW #30, Grand Rapids, MI 49504

(616) 606-5151(616) 606-5151Call to book

Makeup Service

Empire Beauty School

455 Standale Plaza NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49534

(616) 349-7026(616) 349-7026Call to book


Fish Pedicure

Nail Art


Hair Unlimited

330 Kinney Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49534

(616) 453-1005(616) 453-1005Call to book


Makeup Service

Magic Nails

2366 Alpine Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49544

(616) 364-1994(616) 364-1994Call to book


Gel Nails

Nail Art


Manicure FAQs

Many nail technicians recommend once-weekly manicures to ensure your nails always look good and that your nail polish remains chip-free. However, you can get away with having manicures less often – ask your technician for their specific advice as the frequency can vary according to the nail polish used.

If you like soft hands and beautiful nails, you’ll love getting a manicure. Regular manicures can be very relaxing; they help prevent fungal nail infections and leave your nails looking polished and pristine.

Yes, absolutely. In fact, it’s common, particularly for those using regular nail polish or gel. If you’d like to give it a try, there are various different kits and pieces of equipment available to buy, but we always recommend having a manicure done by a professional to ensure you get the results you want.

The cost of manicures varies depending on the type you go for; however in Westside Connection, you are likely to pay around $35 for a manicure.

There are a number of different kinds of manicures available including basic (nail polish), gel, Shellac, acrylic, dip powder, French, reverse French, American, Russian, paraffin, and hot stone

Nail technicians tend to start a manicure with a warm water hand soak, which soften the skin and nails. They then file, buff, and clean the cuticle, massage your hands with a moisturising cream, and apply a base coat of polish, before finishing with a layer of colour, top coat, and cuticle oil. Standard nail polish is left to dry naturally; shellac and gel polishes are cured under a UV lamp; acrylic nails cure in the natural air.

It depends on the type of polish used: traditional nail polish lasts about a week, acrylic nails should last between 6-8 weeks and will need a fill every 2-3 weeks to cover regrowth. Shellac and gel nails last for 2-3 weeks.

Book your next manicure appointment in Westside Connection with Fresha

Here at Fresha, we've taken wellness to another level. Our clever techy folk have built an advanced and innovative booking system. It wasn't easy to create (that’s why they’re clever, techy people), but it’s seriously simple to use. So simple, you'll be looking for your second appointment before the dust has settled on your first. Let Fresha help you find a new go-to nail salon in Westside Connection.

Have a look and see which nails places are impressing people in Westside Connection. Dive right in and check out the treatments that are available at local nail salons right here on Fresha. And there could be a gem of a place near you. We'd love to know what you think. Once you've booked, share your experience like the 2.5 million others who have left reviews for businesses and professionals around the globe on Fresha.

Well-manicured hands, with or without polish, are a big tick in the great grooming box. Let a professional manicurist tidy your cuticles, trim and shape your nails, and then buff them to shine.

Your hands are usually cleaned and exfoliated to remove ingrained grime, hard skin, and dead skin cells, then massaged with a super hydrating moisturiser. All this pampering in as little as 15 minutes. Bridal manicures and other nail treatments may take up to 1 hour. When you need an express manicure, it's easy to book straight into the salon's calendar with the Fresha app. Expect to pay from $18 in Westside Connection.

So the search is over. Your new nails match in Westside Connection is right here. And heads up, we've partnered with over 110,000 businesses and 450,000 professionals around the world, so when you go on holiday, we're coming along. Wherever your beauty and wellness journey takes you, don't hesitate to hop over to our help centre for some extra advice. And if you happen to know any United States business owners looking to grow their business, tell them about our free, feature-packed platform. So you pack the passports, and we'll provide the spray tans. Bon voyage.

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Best Manicures Near Me in Westside Connection, Grand Rapids | Fresha (9)

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Best Manicures Near Me in Westside Connection, Grand Rapids | Fresha (12)

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Best Manicures Near Me in Westside Connection, Grand Rapids | Fresha (2024)


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